Raphael Stieger

Raphael Stieger was born in 1984 in Friesach in Carinthia. At the age of three he began his musical education on drums at Kärntner Landeskonservatorium. He received his first trombone lessons in 1989 at the Music School in Althofen with Willibald Krupka.

Raphael Stieger is a multiple first prize winner in numerous state and national competitions of Prima la Musica. He attended master classes with Branimir Slokar, Stefan Schulz, Carsten Svanberg and Joseph Alessi. After his final school exams and while completing his military service with the Kärntner Militärmusik, he studied at theKärntner Landeskonservatorium instrumental and vocal pedagogy with Bernhard Jauch, and later at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien in the class of Dietmar Küblböck (Wiener Philharmoniker).

He has performed at the Wiener Volksoper and Wiener Staatsoper and with renowned orchestras such as the Wiener Philharmoniker, the Wiener Symphoniker, and the Wiener KammerOrchester. He is also a member of the Vienna Brass Connection. Since 2011 Raphael Stieger is music school teacher of the city of Vienna, since autumn 2012 he is principal of the music school Leopoldstadt.

Vienna Brass Connection
Wiener KammerOrchester
Trombone: Possegger

Picture 1 (Photo: Klaus Leherbauer)
Picture 2 (Photo: Klaus Leherbauer)


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