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With this present to the audience, but also to themselves, the four trombonists of Trombone Attraction fulfill wish that has been on all wish lists for a very long time. But now the time has finally come: A Christmas program, neatly tied as a package, well filled with hand-picked and beautiful music, including Advent-Christmas hits! Not in the sense of the boring socks that are felt every Christmas under the tree, but thoroughly dusted off and freshly interpreted. In addition to well-known Christmas classics, but well suited to them, there are other things to discover and explore - best with the curiosity and joy of a child whose wish to the Christ Child has finally been fulfilled. You're welcome! All the best! Merry Christmas!

01 Feliz Navidad (J. Feliciano) | 02 Weihnachten ist hier (Ch. Radovan) | 03 Maria durch ein Dornwald ging (Traditional) | 04 Leise rieselt der Schnee (E. Ebel) | 05 Es wird scho gleich dumpa (Traditional) | 06 White Christmas (I. Berlin) | 07 Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (J. Marks) | 08 Stern über Bethlehem (A. H. Zoller) | 09 Christmas Recycling Song (Various) | 10 The Christmas Song (R. Wells, M. Tormé) | 11 Sonata (G. Gabrieli) | 12 God Bless the Child (B. Holiday) | 13 Still, still, still (Traditional) | 14 Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht (F. X. Gruber)

Feliz Navidad (J. Feliciano)
Leise rieselt der Schnee (E. Ebel)
Es wird scho gleich dumpa (Traditional)
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (J. Marks)
Still, still, still (Traditional)

This CD shows exactly what Trombone Attraction is characterized by: the perfect mixture of heartfelt love for music and excessive joy in playing and creating.

Bettina Barnay-Walser
music journalist & radio moderator

in the magazine KULTUR about the CD FINALLY! THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM.

Trombone Attraction - that's a trombone quartet for self-realisation. Now, finally, it's Christmas time. "Finally! The Christmas Album."! Rudolph with the red nose grooves in the snow, on the other hand, Trombone Attraction is festive with a sonata by Giovanni Gabrieli. When listening to it, the typical scenario appears in front of the inner eye: the trombone group in front of the church. Except that with Trombone Attraction every note sounds as clean as a bell. Even the ringing of bells can be heard on the Christmas album - in the well-known "Still still still, weil's Kindlein schlafen will". The tender Christmas carol remains tender, even in brass. A delight. Usual Christmas jiggery-pokery? Let art come first! Art that comes from skill. Musicians and listeners alike have fun here.

Ulrike Jährling
music journalist & radio moderator



Since 2006, the four gentlemen from Trombone Attraction have experienced a lot.
 Together they have won a few competitions, played hundreds of concerts, visited many countries, recorded three and a half CDs and sold them all over the world, earned some money, spent even more, also spent dozens of hours on the plane, in delayed trains and cramped cars, emptied bottles of beer and wine to toast successes, defeats or just for fun, drank about 29.106 shots of espresso, survived business and personal crises, lived, loved, practiced, rehearsed, laughed, cried, argued, reconciled, married three enchanting women, got five children, bought two flats and built one house. And it goes on…

Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder)
B107 (Leonhard Paul)
Um Mitternacht (Anton Bruckner)
What A Wonderful World (George Douglas)

Special Guests: Dietmar Küblböck (Wiener Philharmoniker) and Leonhard Paul (Mnozil Brass)
01 Fly Me To The Moon (B. Howard) | 02 Fuge in d-Moll (J. S. Bach) | 03 Georgia On My Mind (H. Carmichael) | 04 Serenata (I. Albéniz) | 05 Adagio (S. Barber) | 06 Sir Duke (S. Wonder) | 07-09 B107 (L. Paul) | 10 Quand’io ero giovinetto (G. Gabrieli) | 11 Um Mitternacht (A. Bruckner) | 12 In A Sentimental Mood (D. Ellington) | 13 Tico Tico (Z. d. Abreu) | 14 Karawanenprinz Marsch (R. Stieger) | 15 What A Wonderful World (G. Douglas)


This group has a tremendous homogeneity of sound and musical intention. A breath of musical fresh air. One can hear the joy in what they do and it is clear that this kind of musical togetherness comes only with much work built on instinct.

Ian Bousfield

about Trombone Attraction and the CD GEZEICHNET

01 Hey Jude (P. McCartney) | 02 Das Mädchen mit dem Flachshaar (C. Debussy) | 03-11 Max und Moritz (J. Koetsier) | 12 Langsamer Satz (A. v. Webern) | 13 Apartett (L. Paul) | 14 Jubilate Deo (G. Gabrieli) | 15 Antiphon (A. Bruckner)

Hey Jude (Paul McCartney)
Max & Moritz – Extract (Jan Koetsier)
Jubilate Deo (Giovanni Gabrieli)
Langsamer Satz (Anton von Webern)
Apartett (Leonhard Paul)


With Trombone Attraction, every slide comes on time and that's just a lot of fun. With the program on the CD, Martin Riener, Christian Poitinger, Raphael Stieger and Stefan Obmann not only show a broad musical spectrum, but also let the pieces appear in a completely new light.

int. music business

about the CD ZUG UM ZUG

01 Fanfare of „Suite for Trombones“ (G. Richards) | 02 Wilhelm Tell (G. Rossini) | 03 A Portriat (G. Gershwin) | 04 Leichtes Blut (J. Strauss Sohn) | 05 God Bless The Child (B. Holiday) | 06 It’s Only A Paper Moon (H. Arlon) | 07-11 Französische Tänze (M. Praetorius) | 12 Pink Panther (H. Mancini) | 13 Pizzicato Polka (J. u. J. Strauss) | 14 Take Five (P. Desmond) | 15 Gospel Time (J. Agrell) | 16 Vollendet ist das große Werk (J. Haydn) | 17 Tired Bones (L. Paul)

Wilhelm Tell (Gioachino Rossini)
Leichtes Blut (Johann Strauss Sohn)
Courante (Michael Praetorius)
God Bless The Child (Billie Holiday)
It’s Only A Paper Moon (Harold Arlen)


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