Program for children: MAX & MORITZ

A story for children

Trombone Attraction & Berenike Heidecker-Nusser

Text – Wilhelm Busch
Music – Jan Koetsier, Leonhard Paul
Dramaturgical advice - Ferdinando Chefalo

Oh, what do you often have to hear or read about bad children, like this one...
which was called "Trombone Attraction".

"Max & Moritz" by Wilhelm Busch is probably one of the most famous works of German children's literature. The story tells in knittelversen of the seven strikes of two boys. Since its first publication in 1865, over three hundred translations of the story have appeared. In addition there are numerous parodies, dramatizations, imitations and settings.

For the instrumentation of four trombones there is a very successful musical arrangement by Jan Koetsier. The four young gentlemen of Trombone Attraction have taken up this composition together with the music mediator Berenike Heidecker and would like to tell the old, but still very current story in a new way.

The Dutch conductor and composer Jan Koestier (1911-2006) skilfully reproduces the pictures of Wilhelm Busch with musical means. And in colour! The direction developed together with the music mediator Berenike Heidecker, the well thought-out concept and the acting skills of the musicians contribute to bringing this story to life.

The listeners, whether children or adults, are included in the story and are allowed to actively support the protagonists.
And as with every good story, there is a moral, which is worked out and sung together by means of an own song:

Willst du Unfug treiben,
lass niemanden leiden,
andere zu quälen ist nicht gut!

Willst du Späße machen,
bring sie doch zum Lachen,
das erfordert viel mehr Witz und Mut!


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