Concert: PICTURES OF LIFE at the festival "Lust auf Innenstadt" in St. Veit an der Glan (Carinthia)

Wednesday, 1 September 2021 | 5:00 pm
A – 9300 St. Veit/Glan | Hauptplatz

The stage programme PICTURES OF LIFE is the best-of programme and consists of musical and scenic highlights from over ten years of Trombone Attraction...

Since 2006, the four gentlemen from Trombone Attraction have experienced a lot.
 Together they have won a few competitions, played hundreds of concerts, visited many countries, recorded three and a half CDs and sold them all over the world, earned some money, spent even more, also spent dozens of hours on the plane, in delayed trains and cramped cars, emptied bottles of beer and wine to toast successes, defeats or just for fun, drank about 29.106 shots of espresso, survived business and personal crises, lived, loved, practiced, rehearsed, laughed, cried, argued, reconciled, married three enchanting women, got five children, bought two flats and built one house. And it goes on…

Just go there, listen and enjoy the four gentlemen of Trombone Attraction!

In case of rainy weather the "Lust auf Innenstadt-Events" will not take place!

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